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Formed in 2014 in Fullerton, Ca, SAPIEN was birthed from the fallout of local thrash band Roschach, which featured original members Miles Fuller, Cody Smith, and Spencer Reed, to make up the early sound of Sapien. The self proclaimed “power funk trio” expressed early writing styles which blended heavy Los Angeles funk and rock sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, and even as far out as Canada’s very own Rush. The unique morphing of influences brought forth a sound that Southern California has not heard since the booming hard rock scene of the 90s. Their first release, recorded from mid-late 2014, was their EP entitled “Indigenous” featuring the raw, aggressive and heavy groove-oriented sound only heard of from their musical heroes and predecessors. In early 2016, the band begins recording their second EP “The Traveler” recorded by Clay Taylor at Sobelow Studios in Upland, Ca. This release displays a shift in sound, going from the heavy groove and hard funk riffs, to a more dark and progressive metal sound which only continued to showcase the true talent, versatility and continuous evolution in their songwriting. In November of 2017, Reed had made a important life-changing decision to join the US Navy, thus providing an opening for Kenny Mastracchio, who was also in Rorschach, and had already been familiar with the songs that Sapien had been performing at their shows. 2018 began with their first show with Mastracchio at The Republic Bar in their hometown of Fullerton. Naturally, the bar was packed and the show went off without a hitch, as Kenny learned the songs exceptionally fast.


Photographer: Gabe Rios

Authentic Roots Tattoo (A.R.T.) Long Beach, CA 12/22/18

Photo Credit: Gabe Rios

Photo Credit: Gabe Rios